Ultra-Thin LED Light Panel

LED light

is the future
Create a green entironment
Little or no heat generation
Provide with colorful lifestyle
More than 10-50 times energy efficient

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    Ultra-Thin LED Light Panel

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    Ultra-Thin LED Light Panel


    The Ultra-Thin LED Light Panel system designed by UNIQUELED is unique in several respects, and represents a hitherto unknown complete range of professional office lighting and some special lighting use. Its use the Ultra-thin aluminium alloy construction and new material such as Light Guide Panel (LGP) with Nanophase Materials provides brilliant, glare-free lighting, inderect and hence perfect lighting conditions for your workstations and equipment lighting use.


    -Super flat light
    Thanks to its own LGP technology, ultra slim and excellent light
    uniformity. Extremely even and smooth lighting due to wider light
    emitting dimension. 

    -Energy saving
    Consume less electric power caused by high energy efficiency and
    emission characteristics of LED.

    -Long Lifespan
    8 times longer than fluorescent fixtures. There are no to replace
    light source, as a result ,reducing maintenance and replacement

    Made without glass, filament and Mercury, it is safe and reliability,
    to meet RoHS regulation.





    Voltage Range

     Input voltage: AC90-AC250V  Working voltage: DC24V,

    Frequency Range

    50Hz / 60Hz

    Power Consumption




    Color Temperature

    Warm white: , 2700 to 3, 300K ,
       Pure  white: 4, 000 to 5, 000K ,
    Cold White:5, 700 to 6, 300K ,

    Lumen Output (lm)


    China LED Light

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